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#Weareourfamilieskeeper #youarenotalone

On May 14, 2022, evil visited Buffalo, NY.  A person walked into the Tops #250 grocery store and opened fire killing 10.  In the aftermath of this horrific act are those left behind to navigate the pain, the loss, and the devastation. The #WeStandwithYou campaign was created to remind Buffalo that they are not forgotten and that we as a community are with them.  We cannot do anything about gun violence...there were 2 mass shootings immediately after the Buffalo shooting, but we can support our brothers and sisters in Buffalo.

What is the ask?  We are asking everyone who is able to donate at least $1 to the #WeStandWithYou campaign to let our brothers and sisters in Buffalo know that we have their back.

Where will the money be allocated? 1. Grief/loss support for those in need 2. Support community organizations, like the Community Health Center of Buffalo and local churches that have been on the frontline, and 3. Aid the Jefferson Ave. community in any way necessary.

Our Buffalo family needs us. Unfortunately because of the world we live in, we know that it will be a matter of time before we will deploy to another city.  However, today we can show the world that we can and will support one another. We can do this!  Thank you for your support and I am sure that our Buffalo family appreciates you! 


*The Good Grief Healing Center, Inc is a 501(c) 3 organization and your contribution is tax-deductible.

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